High-quality circuit boards – sophisticated down to the finest detail.

We have been an EMS service provider for 25 years. Our customers, who come from various branches of industry, value our personalized customer care as much as our technical expertise and support in the development of various assemblies up to start of production.

Materials sourcing

The continually changing availability situation on the supply market requires a high degree of commitment.  We will purchase on demand for your projects if desired, or make arrangements for a framework with an extended time span.  With a corresponding forecast, we have the option of realizing good prices, and the availability of required components is secured.


We assemble leaded components, SMD components and every form of mixed assembly for you. Our common batch sizes range from 50 to 500 pieces. We operate in SMD production with two networked automatic placement machines (Mydata TP9U).


We solder in the PTH area with an ERSA ETS300 wave solder machine (Pb-free). For special assemblies, an ERSA EST330C double-wave solder machine is available for lead soldering.
In SMD production, we work with an ERSA HOTFLOW3 reflow soldering machine.

Visual inspection

Every assembly is subjected to a visual inspection. Our experienced employees work on display units with variable enlargement. In SMD production, we additionally have an AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection, Marantz), used for component and solder joint inspection.

Unit mounting

We are happy to take over unit mounting for you. We will program your software, wire assemblies in housing or carry a function test according to your specifications.

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