SMD Assembly

One Mycronic My200 and two networked assemblers (Mydata, TP9U) are available here. These have mechanical and electrical measurement equipment. Your CAD data is converted so that the machines can process it. The component spectrum ranges from 0402 to QFP and BGA. The maximum board size is 200 * 300mm.
The required components are provided to the machines from inventory on an order-related basis.
Following the subsequent AOI check, the components are soldered in the reflow furnace. We create a temperature profile for every production job. All work steps are recorded in our production documents.

SMD Equipment

  • Essemtec screen printer, semi-automatic; model: SP003
  • Mydata SMD Tower 200
  • Mycronic My200 and 2* Mydata TP9
  • ERSA Reflow soldering machine HOTFLOW3
  • Marantz AOI-System, Model: 22XDL