THT Assembly

Conventional assembly is carried out manually by our employees. Taped components can be processed, as can bulk goods; the parts are brought to the necessary contact spacing in component preparation. Soldering occurs after a completed visual inspection on the ERSA ETS300 wave solder machine. The corresponding temperature profile is also created here for every production job. The assemblies are then processed further in finishing or go directly to final inspection. Every assembly is visually inspected there before it leaves our facilities.

THT Equipment

  • ERSA wave solder machine: ETS330 (Pb-Free)
  • ERSA wave solder machine: EST 330C (Pb), Quins easy
  • Mantis vision Systems
  • Various machines for bending and cutting components: EBSOMAT
  • ITECO, solder stations: WELLER WX2
  • HAKKO: FX-951
  • Desolder station: HAKKO: Desolder-Tool 474